Media Group

Media Group Coordinator

A. Historical Research Advisor
David Day, Curator, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University,
5046 HBLL, PO Box 26800, Provo, UT 84602-6897
Phone: 801-422-6119   FAX: 801-422-0466   E-mail:


International Harp Archives, BYU  Liaison, David Day
Formally established at Brigham Young University in 1994, the Archives serve as a support center for research dealing with aspects of the harp, its music and harpists.

Tape Library (Audio) Liaison, David Day
- to maintain a library of tapes of interest and value to AHS members, especially of concerts, performances & workshops made at annual AHS conferences. This committee produces & updates a catalog of all tapes on file and distributes tapes to AHS members and chapters on request.

Tape Library (Video) Liaison, David Day
- to provide a historical video record of outstanding performances, master classes, seminars, as well as interviews with persons of significant interest and/or influence in the harp world, or any other visual record of interest to current or future members
- to provide chapters and individual members with access to the above referenced video tapes
- to catalog and cross-reference the videotapes in terms of performers, pieces performed, composers, etc., and
- to develop a system of storage and distribution of the videotapes ensuring their safety, permanence and availability to future generations for reference and study
- to ensure compatibility with the latest in video technology for a constant updating of video formats.

Interview Series Liaison, Lucy Scandrett
The AHS Interview Series offers comprehensive and relaxed conversations with noted harpists and persons of significant influence in the harp world and in the history of the AHS.  The Interview Series began in 1998 with the intent of providing a media history for present and future generations.  Interviews are conducted primarily at the home of the person being interviewed or at AHS National Conferences and Summer Institutes. The interviews are enhanced by photographs, programs, recordings and harps when available. 

The following is a listing of available interviews:

  • Lucile Lawrence, Sam Milligan and Lucien Thomson interviewed by Ray Pool
  • Alice Chalifoux interviewed by Lucy Scandrett
  • Roslyn Rensch-Noah interviewed by Robert Kennedy
  • Dale Barco interviewed by David Ice and Peter Wiley
  • Susann McDonald interview by Lucy Scandrett (in process)

Future interviews are scheduled for 2009-2010. For further information please contact:
Lucy Scandrett, Chairman
412-491-6555; Email:


AHS Repository, Library of Congress Liaison, Helen Rifas
- to publish a list of libraries that would receive collections of harp-related materials and to develop a catalog of these collections with information for their access for the use of AHS members.

Roslyn Rensch Papers & Collection Liaison, Ann Yeung

Donated by the renowned harp historian Dr. Roslyn Rensch to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Roslyn Rensch Papers and Collection contain over 2,000 items of music, correspondence, recordings, scrapbooks, and other miscellany from a period of time covering much of the twentieth-century. 

The Papers are searchable in the EAD format at the Illinois Archives website.

For more information on the contents and history of the Collection, please see Charles W. Lynch III, “The Scrapbooks of the Roslyn Rensch Collections and Papers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,” DMA dissertation (Urbana, IL: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009).


B. Publicity/Public Relations - to further the goals of the AHS through all venues of the media (printed, electronic, internet) and to provide technical  assistance to the AHS through its national, regional, and local organizational structure in achieving these goals.

C. Website Maintenance – to update information on a regular basis.

D. ASCAP/BMI (liaison)