23rd American Harp Society National Competition
University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston-Salem, NC, June 16-19, 2019

Young Professional Division (up to age 30)   
1st: Caroline Wilkins (Pacific Region)
       2nd: Hannah Cope (Western Region)
  3rd (tie): Adam Phan (Northwestern Region) and Juan Riveros (MidCentral Region)
  4th: Noël Wan (NorthCentral Region)
  5th: Chelsea Lane (Northeastern Region)
  6th (tie): Anna Ellsworth (MidCentral Region) and Hope Wilk (Northeastern Region)
  Honorable mention: Haley Rhodeside (Western Region)
Advanced Division (up to age 21)   
1st (tie): Claire Thai (Western Region) and Morgan Short (MidAtlantic Region)
2nd: Kaila Geisinger (Southeastern Region)
  3rd: Caroline Mellott (Northeastern Region)
  4th: Clara Warford (Southern Region)
Intermediate II Division (up to age 18)   
1st: Annette Lee (Pacific Region)
2nd (tie): Priyanka Gohal (MidCentral Region) and Shaylen Joos (Northeastern Region)
  3rd: Danielle Nam (Pacific Region)
  4th: Amanda Kengor (MidAtlantic Region)
  5th: Lily Primus (Western Region)
  6th (tie): Julia Johnson (Western Region) and Erika Rosen (Western Region)
  Honorable mention: Beth Henson (Southeastern Region)
Intermediate I Division (up to age 15)   
1st: Kathleen Hopkins (SouthCentral Region)
2nd: Eunice Park (MidAtlantic Region)
  3rd: Isabel Cardenes (MidAtlantic Region)
  4th: Sophia Jho (MidAtlantic Region)
  5th: Ava Crook (Southeastern Region)
  6th: Jadelyn Ding (MidAtlantic Region)
  Honorable mentions: Judy Liu (Pacific Region), Elizabeth Johnson (MidAtlantic Region), Skyler Moon (MidAtlantic Region), and Belle Divine (Southeastern Region)
Junior Division (up to age 12)   
1st: Olivia Lee (Northeastern Region)
  2nd: Erin Choi (Pacific Region)
  3rd: Kaila Blodgett (Western Region)
  4th (tie): Grace Hong (Pacific Region) and Tessa Jackson (Southeastern Region)
  5th (tie): Sophia Love (Westerm Region) and Aaron Stewart (Northeastern Region)
  6th (tie): Calene Lee (Pacific Region), Sarah Smith (Northeastern Region), and Megan Williams (Western Region)
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