Submissions to The American Harp Journal

Attention harp faculty members, students, authors and friends of the harp community

Looking for suitable articles to publish in The American Harp Journal.

These may include, but are not limited to, articles on current or past harpists, analysis articles on harp repertoire, articles of historical interest, articles on harp builders, or on technique.

If you have ideas or questions, please feel free to contact the Editor.  Submissions in Word or PDF format should be sent to  Photos should be in high resolution .jpg format. Multiple files may be sent in a .zip file for ease of transmission.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Directions to Journal Contributors    

1. All contributors are encouraged to submit materials electronically to If you must submit a hard copy of the text to the editor, please also include a file on disk in Microsoft Word format. If you use a different word processor, please have the file converted to Word, and check it to make sure that nothing has been lost in the conversion.

2. The form of documentation for the Journal is MLA (Modern Language Association) style.

3.  Use the traditional form for date:  July 4, 1775.

4.  All photographs must be high resolution.  Please clearly label all pictures submitted.  If there are group shots, please list the people in left to right order with careful attention to the correct spelling of names and places.

5.  If you mention keys, write out G major, F minor.  Also write out flats and sharps:
C-sharp, B-flat, etc.

6.  The deadline for the winter issue is June 15 and the deadline for the summer issue is November 15.  However, special deadline for the conference information is August 15.  Bear in mind that the editor may have planned the major articles for the next issue far in advance of the deadline.  It remains the decision of the editor as to in which issue your article will appear.  The editor welcomes the opportunity to talk over ideas for Journal submissions way in advance of possible completion and publication.

Leslie Shortlidge
5256 Roche Place
Columbus, Ohio 43229

Submissions to the "Recent Publications and Recordings" Section

Send copies of music and recordings to Dr. Suzanne L. Moulton-Gertig, 19 Farmington Drive, Dover, NH 03820. A photocopy of the recto and verso of the title page and the first page of music, together with a page count; or photocopies of the accompanying packaging for recordings (as well as a photocopy of the CD or cassette itself) may be submitted in lieu of a review copy, if necessary. Corrections from readers are welcomed, since it has not been possible in every case to see a copy of the publication.

As a general principle, all printed music, audio and video recordings issued within the past three years are eligible to be listed here; foreign imprints and recording labels that have only recently been released for distribution in the United States may also be included, although they may bear earlier dates.