Funds Housed in the AHS Foundation

Scholarships for Advanced Study

The following three funds are for study of harp at a college or university. Scholarships of $2,000 each are awarded to winners of national auditions. The auditions are administered and monitored by a panel appointed by the AHS/Foundation Committee.

Anne Adams Award
Established in 1990 by Burton Adams, honoring his wife, well-know harpist, Anne Adams.
(*pass-through fund, temporarily)

Maxwell-Calkins Award
Originally established in 1994 by the Calkins family honoring Doris Calkins. In 2014 the Maxwell-Calkins fund was created to honor both mother and daughter, Doris Calkins and Sarah E. Maxwell. Sally Maxwell was one of the leaders in the formation of AHS Foundation and President of the organization until 2012.

Nebergall Award
Established in 1993 by Jack Nebergall honoring his mother, Doris.

Awards, Scholarships and Prizes

The following awards are given annually or biennially. Applications are reviewed by a committee of harpists and teachers who choose the winner(s). 

Wickersham Award
Award (based) given on the basis of musical promise and financial need, with preference given to those using the harp in a therapeutic setting. Established in 1995 by Anthony and Ruth Papalia honoring her parents.

Mildred Biehn Johnson Award
Award based on musical promise and financial need to encourage students of the harp.
Established in 1996 by Anthony and Ruth Papalia, and the Johnson family honoring harpist and teacher, Mildred Johnson. 

Karl Carlson Award
Award for students of any age who have played/studied the harp for less than six years.
Established in 1993 by Mary Carlson honoring her husband, Karl.

Kathrin Fouse Award
Award based on musical promise and financial need to encourage students of the harp. Established in 1994 by Marion Fouse honoring her mother.

Kids for Camp Award
Award to make summer music camp a reality for a young harpist.
Based on financial need and musical promise.
A *pass-though fund founded by Felice Pomeranz.

Inez Stafford Award
Established and administered by the Bay Area Chapter, AHS.
Awards awarded for tuition to music camps, workshops or special lessons.
For students of Northern California, Oregon or Washington.

Weiger Lepke-Sims Family Composition Award for Church Music
Award to encourage new music to be written for solo harp, harp and choir, chamber music or orchestral music with harp appropriate for use in church settings. Established in 2000, 2001 by Michael and Barbara Sims.

Performance Awards

The following prizes are awarded for the best performance of a work or transcription by the named composers. Many times these prizes are in conjunction with the AHS National Competition.

Grandjany Prize
Established in 1980 by Bernard Grandjany and enhanced by a bequest from Mary Wheeler in 1995 in order to continue performances and appreciation of the works of Marcel Grandjany.

Prix Renié
Established in 1986 by John Hastings Jr. and enhanced by a large bequest from Mary Wheeler in 1995 in order to continue performances and appreciation of the works of Henriette Renié.

Malone Prize
Prize for a performance honoring Eileen Malone.
A *pass-though fund sponsored by friends and students of Miss Malone.

Educational Funds

Grandjany Memorial Fund
Established in 1973 by the American Harp Society, to improve the quality of performance by harpists through the support of the educational programs, scholarships and performances of compositions by M. Grandjany.

Music Education Auditions
Originally a part of the Grandjany Memorial Fund, enhanced by a bequest from Lucien Thomson, founder of the program, the Music Education Auditions are now established as a separate fund. The growth of the fund is to enhance the auditions for various AHS Chapters.

The Lucile Lawrence Fund
Established in 2007 by Richard Hunter, this fund is to honor the memory of Miss Lawrence in providing scholarships to deserving students.

The Lucile Jennings Fund
Established in 2009 by Chris Jennings to honor the memory of Lucile Jennings in providing scholarships in various areas of music studies.

NOTE: *Pass-Through Funds are those continued by yearly donations. The other funds are endowed funds and only the interest is used.