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Harp History


  • Teoria -
    This site is very comprehensive and covers all the basics very thoroughly, although a bit dryly. There are Tutorials, Exercises, References and Articles (interesting and again, comprehensive, including all kinds of historical content through contemporary music).
    Real instrumental recordings, rather than synthesized, are used in some of the categories.
    A Teacher's guidance is basically needed and there is a Teacher's Manual. It could be manageable for self-taught adult harpists, although might be slow and involved, due to its depth. Overall, this is a very informative and productive curriculum.
  • Practica Musica has a free online textbook as well as many, many areas of musical study. This website has a good overview:
    The initial sound examples are electronic.
  • Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory - - includes books to purchase; online subscriptions ($129.99 for a Teacher's annual subscription; $19.99 for the Student's annual subscription), Ear Training, games such as musical Bingo and interactive software. There is a good description of all it has to offer on the home page. The complete Book of Essentials of Music Theory is a spiral bound book that covers books 1 -3, plus CDs. Its cost is $34.99.
    This series is very good, and student friendly - well organized and well paced.
  • Online Music Theory Tutor by Ricci Adams -
    This site is very useful and accessible. All that one needs to do is click on: "Lessons" or "Trainer" or "Utilities". From there, there is a world of education and training available.
  • ABRSM - Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music -
    This is a very comprehensive exam based education in all aspects of music, including music theory, music technique, aural skills, and music performance of the repertoire particular to a pre-determined ABRSM level. The Wikipedia link gives an excellent and thorough description.
    Specific to harp -
  • Music Teachers' Association of California
    The syllabus is available to all teachers. One does not have be a member of the Music Teacher Association of California to use the syllabus. Membership is required if you wish to participate in the Certificate of Merit Evaluation Program.
    Go to Click on Store link on upper right hand corner. Scroll down for the harp syllabus. The syllabus is a comprehensive guide for what to teach students from pre-readers to pre-professional players. It includes suggested topics for technique, theory, ear training and music history, along with lists of graded repertoire for each level.
  • - theory lessons, trainers, and tone row generators
  • - free printable flash cards for notes, rests, dynamics, intervals, tempo markings and more
  • VCU Music Theory -
    download practice work (and answer sheets!) on scales, intervals, triads, figured bass, harmonization of melodies, and much more.

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Harp Archives and Collections

    • Downloadable files of 18th &19th century manuscripts and rare editions
    • Biographies of 18th & 19th century harpist composers
  • Edna Phillips Rosenbaum Collection At Illinois

    A personal collection of Edna Phillips Rosenbaum, principal harpist of The Philadelphia Orchestra (1930-46), harpist for the Fantasia soundtrack, and the first woman to hold a principal position with a major American symphony orchestra. She and her husband Samuel Rosenbaum commissioned some of the most significant works in the harp repertoire, such as the Ginastera Harp Concerto. Acquired in 2004 by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Collection was donated to Illinois by her daughter Joan Solaun.