Historical Harp Society

The Historical Harp Society exists to promote the art, history, use and appreciation of historical harps, to raise proficiency in performance and manufacture of historical harp reproductions.  A bulletin is published containing timely articles ranging from the instruments of the ancient Near East up to and including the development of the modern pedal harp.

A music publishing project is well underway, making available interesting music of the past that would otherwise be ignored.

A conference is held yearly in conjunction with either the Boston Early Music Festival or the Amherst Early Music Festival.  Conferences generally cover three days, with a recital each evening.  Also featured are displays by makers of historical harp reproductions and by music publishers, etc.

Publications Submissions (including website):  
Cheryl Pfeil von der Heyde; cpfeil@nomadharp.com

Membership: http://www.historicalharps.org/society.html#Membership

American Harp Society Liaison to the Historical Harp Society: Samuel Milligan

Some years ago I presented a paper on the Industrial Revolution and how it created the tools and materials needed for Erard to invent the modern double action harp, and participated this year in a panel discussion of early pedal harp manufacture.  A brief article will appear in the Winter AHS Journal describing this year's Boston conference, which was held too late to get anything in the Summer 2009 issue of the AHJ.


– Sam Milligan 7/09