Conference Group

Conference Group Coordinator

A. Conference Handbook – to create, maintain, and update a handbook to assist future conference chairmen in the production of a National Conference, including examples of important printed materials.

B. National Conference Chairman - to produce a National Conference on even-numbered years, alternating with a Summer Institute on odd-numbered years, both of which will have high musical quality and educational value, featuring performances by distinguished harpists, both as soloists and in ensembles; workshops, sightseeing, etc., which provides an opportunity for exchange between members from all over the United States as well as some foreign countries.

C. National Conference Coordinator - to advise prospective Conference and Summer Institute hosts on submitting bids, visit future conference sites, and work with the local Chairman and Committee to produce the conference.

D. National Conference Evaluations - to prepare and distribute an evaluation form to all persons who attend the AHS Conference. The results are gathered, tabulated, and distributed to the past and future Conference Chairpersons, the Conference Group Coordinator, and the Executive Committee. The objective of a conference evaluation is to assist immediate past and future chairmen with important guidelines/suggestions for future conferences.

E. National Exhibits - to coordinate with the next Conference Exhibit Chairman in order to provide continuity in national exhibits.

F. Summer Institute Chairman – to produce a Summer Institute which focuses on the student harpist, with classes of interest for harp teachers as well as students.  The Institute is held biennially alternating with the American Harp Society National Conference. Professional harpists offer workshops on repertoire, ensemble playing, preparation for competitions/auditions, etc.