Summer 2018

  • Ann Hobson Pilot: An Appreciation
  • The Therapeutic Use of Harp: Modalities, Program and Training
  • AHS 43rd National Conference: Back to Our Future, Redlands, California: Additional Photos from Receptions and Performances


Winter 2018

View the Table of Contents to access YouTube videos and photos from these articles:

  • David Watkins: An Intimate Portrait by John Browne
  • The Invention of the 18th Century: the Harpe Organisée and Pedals by Maria Christina Cleary
  • Alice Coltrane: The Swamini and the Harp by Ashley Kahn
  • Alice Coltrane: The Harpist and Her Legacy by Brandee Younger
  • Cadenza Corner: Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor" with Emmanuel Ceysson (Metropolitan Opera, New York City) and Luisa Prandina (La Scala, Milan)
  • The AHS Grants Program: Studying the Italian Baroque Triple Harp with Mara Galassi by Laura Sherman
And additional videos about:
  • Luisa Prandina and Sandro Fazzolari