The harp — a long history, a lively present, a promising future!

In the 1980's AHS, Inc. established its Endowment Fund to serve as a source of funds for those
AHS, Inc. programs which cannot survive on a solely volunteer basis or be supported by dues

  • Provides consistent, dependable funding for:
    • National Conferences
    • National Competition
    • Concert Artists Program
    • Media Libraries (A/V)
    • Music Education
    • Summer Institute
    • Harp Literature
    • Repository/Research
  • Initial $ 100,000 goal met
  • Second goal of $ 200,000 met

Please consider donating to the AHS, Inc. Endowment Fund today to support the future for the
harp and the AHS, Inc. Download and complete the Contribution Form (PDF), write a check to
"AHS, Inc. Endowment Fund" and send it to:

American Harp Society Endowment Fund
Jan Bishop, Fund Comptroller
PO Box 260
Bellingham, MA 02019-0260

AHS needs stable, long term resources.

Your annual dues pay our day-to-day expenses, which include postage, some American Harp
Journal costs, preparation and publication of newsletters, our annual Membership Directory, the
services of our Executive Director, Membership Secretary, Bookkeeper, Journal Editor and Advertising Manager, and the AHS, Inc. website.

As a non-profit organization, we are prohibited from accumulating large surpluses from dues
income. Therefore, support for our other national programs must come from either the
Endowment Fund or the AHS Foundation, Inc. (For details on the Foundation, see the Winter,
1997 American Harp Journal.)

Income from the AHS, Inc. Endowment provides your AHS, Inc. Board of Directors dependable,
known future resources to support our vital programs.

Stable funding will permit our program chairmen to plan for the future, while preserving AHS,
Inc.'s tax-exempt non-profit status.

Several ways to help:

One-Time Contribution 
Write a check to "AHS, Inc. Endowment Fund."

Monthly or Annual Pledge
Tell the Comptroller you wish to pledge a certain amount per month or year. We suggest a five-year pledge.

Has potential estate tax advantages. Your will can include residuary, percentage, and contingent bequests to the Fund.

Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust*
Using either of these means, you can retain investment income for life while assuring a charitable donation to the AHS Endowment Fund, yet enjoy both income tax and estate tax advantages in the process.

Planned Gift of Life Insurance*
In this case you purchase a life insurance policy, designating the AHS Endowment Fund as the owner and beneficiary. You pay annual or semi-annual premiums directly to the Endowment Fund as tax-deductible charitable gifts.

* Consult your attorney or tax advisor for assistance with any of the last three options.

For the greatest convenience, you may make your gift online here.

Download the Contribution Form (in PDF format)

Send contributions to:
American Harp Society, Inc. Endowment Fund
Jan Bishop, Fund Comptroller
PO Box 260
Bellingham, MA 02019-0260