The American Harp Journal

The American Harp Journal is a scholarly, not-for-profit magazine published for the enjoyment and education of AHS members. It serves as a vital source of information for the harp community, containing articles designed to educate harpists and leave an accurate record of the activities of the Society. Members of the American Harp Society receive the American Harp Journal twice yearly.

Regular features include achievements and occasions, helpful articles for students and teachers, biographies, bibliographies, historical studies, listings of publications and recordings, and articles concerning construction and maintenance of the harp.  The American Harp Journal is full of news about harp happenings, including National Conference, Summer Institute, competition and scholarship information.

Starting with the Winter 2011 issue, two articles from the current issue of The American Harp Journal with additional supporting materials may be found on the American Harp Journal Extras page. 

Regional Newsletters

Once a year members receive Regional Newsletters with the news, events, projects and achievements of harpists and chapters in their region, as well as classified listings including harps for sale or rent.


E-Newsletters and other notices are sent to members who opt-in to electronic mailings. To access recent American Harp Society, Inc. e-Newsletters, please click here