Lifetime Achievement Award for individuals with extraordinary service to The American Harp Society and the harp.

Concert Artists Program offers financial assistance for the Winner of the Young Professional Division of the AHS National Competition to perform at AHS Chapters.

Education Project 2000 is a listing of published harp parts for school ensembles (grades 1-12)

Ensemble Repertoire Project: The Harp in Ensemble Repertoire database is an ongoing project of the AHS Archives in conjunction with the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University.  BYU staff access every available database, making this exhaustive list the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource available.  Harp in Ensemble Repertoire is invaluable to conductors, performers, and composers who wish to target works for harp in any genre.  The first phase is complete, and represents all available orchestral works that include harp parts.  Subsequent phases are in progress, including band and wind ensemble, choral, and chamber repertoire, and will be posted as they are available in their entirety. 

Listing of works that include harp parts
Phase I:  Orchestra repertoire (Excel 3MB) | Explanation of Columns and Formatting (Word)
Phase II: Band repertoire (Excel 24KB) | Explanation of Columns and Formatting (Word)

Harp Literature Committee promotes new music for the harp and encourages the commissioning of new works. Please click here to submit a proposal. 

Salzedo Centennial Fund is making more publications and recordings of Carlos Salzedo available to the public.

Grandjany Centennial Fund
Marcel Granjany “Music for the Harp” CD
Marcel Grandjany “The Teacher” DVD

Lynne Wainwright Palmer Fund was established to honor the legendary teacher, performer, composer, and arranger from the Pacific Northwest, and her life of dedication to the harp.

Winners Outreach Fund provides financial assistance for AHS National Competition prize winners other than the   AHS Concert Artist to perform at local AHS Chapters.

Music Education Committee Auditions and Evaluations promotes a two-part program for beginning and intermediate harp students where participants come specifically to be heard and to hear one another.

Conference/Summer Institute

The Young Composers Project provides an opportunity for harpists aged 25 and younger to submit a harp music composition, receive one-on-one feedback from world renowned professional composers, and perform their original work at a concert at the 2017 AHS Summer Institute in St. Olaf College. 

Competitions & Awards

Chapter of the Year

The American Harp Society, Inc. Grant Program has funded over 70 grant projects since the fall of 2010, with the goal of awarding $20,000 each fiscal year for five consecutive years. Due to the success of these projects, the Grant program has been renewed for 2015-2016 and funding is being sought for its continuation. Grant recipients are individuals or other non-profit organizations that have affiliations and common goals with the society.