Welcome to the New Editors of The American Harp Journal

January 2018

For the last several months, the American Harp Society, Inc. has been conducting a search for editorship of The American Harp Journal. We are pleased to announce the outcome for this critical position.

The core mission of the American Harp Society, Inc. is "to celebrate our legacy, inspire excellence, and empower the next generation of harpists". One of the most enduring and effective methods of accomplishing our mission is through our flagship publication, The American Harp Journal. The Journal serves as a vital source of information for the harp community, containing articles designed to educate harpists and to leave an accurate record of the Society's activities. It is a scholarly publication which embodies the AHS mission by including content that reaches out to each facet of our diverse community. AHS members, institutional subscribers, and paid advertisers receive the full color Journal twice yearly. The Board is committed to always maintaining a high quality print publication while also exploring options for alternative digital access.

A publication's editor is its creative and production leader. In the case of The American Harp Journal, we required an editor with extensive and broad experience with the harp, while at the same time possessing editorial expertise and publication experience.

Following prolonged and rigorous search committee discussions, AHS administration ultimately chose a new path for staffing this critical leadership position. A solution emerged to have two candidates, each being a specialist in her own right, steeped in relevant experience, education, and focused passion in her respective domain. This innovative solution—to engage an Executive Editor and an Associate Editor*—is expected to bring our Journal the very best expertise of both candidates.

Leslie Shortlidge

One candidate for Executive Editor stood out. Leslie Shortlidge is a full-time freelancer in Columbus, Ohio, with experience in managing journals. She is also an experienced writer, editor, and interviewer. Her clients have included Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center Marketing, Dover Publications, and the Ohioana Library. For the latter, she oversees all print and electronic publications, including the Ohioana Quarterly, Ohioana Newsletter, their website, blog, and social media. She has served as managing editor of the journal, Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts, part of the Kirwan Institute for Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State University published by Indiana University Press. Leslie holds a Master of Arts in English from Marshall University.

Leslie has shared, "I fell in love with Baroque music when I was a teenager and first heard Michael Praetorius and Johann Herman Schein." She also plays the guitar, and recently has taken up the harp. She finds it is fun doing something challenging while learning new skills. Leslie looks forward to communicating with and meeting AHS members, and discovering their interests for the Journal—plan on meeting her at the 2018 National Conference. She is committed to maintaining the Journal's scholarly content while incorporating fresh and innovative material that is relevant to AHS's diverse membership.

Emily Laurance

An accomplished scholar, Emily Laurance has accepted the position of Associate Editor, serving as a content-area expert for the publication. As a professional harpist, musicologist, writer, and editor, Emily provides a perspective that balances the needs of the performing musician with the commitment and standards of specialized scholarship. Due to her own ongoing research and writing, she enjoys numerous connections from whom she can encourage submissions of articles that are of interest to our membership.

In addition to being a recent member of The American Harp Journal editorial board, Emily serves as Contributing Commentary Editor for the A-R Online Score Anthology. The Anthology is a fully web-based score anthology, designed for use in collegiate music education, and published by one of the premiere academic music publishing houses in the country. Emily has served as a reader for Camac Publications and Indiana University Press, and was Scholar-in-Residence for The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress, conducting independent research for a book manuscript on the early pedal harp. Emily holds two Bachelor's degrees from Oberlin College, in harp performance and English, a Masters degree in harp performance from New England Conservatory of Music, and a Masters degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in musicology from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Emily is committed to retaining "harp-related scholarship as the keystone" of The American Harp Journal." She plans to solicit submissions from a larger percentage of our membership and "actively look for potential contributors whose interests extend beyond our assumed boundaries."

Through productive collaboration, this new team will offer fresh perspectives and produce an outstanding American Harp Journal. The Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Leslie Shortlidge and Emily Laurance to the AHS staff. The Board encourages members to share feedback and vision for the Journal, whether content ideas or article submissions. In partnership with our members, we expect Leslie and Emily will honor the Journal's heritage while expanding its value to all.

Leslie Shortlidge, Executive Editor
5256 Roche Place
Columbus, Ohio 43229

* The revised job descriptions for these two positions are available for review online, in the "AHS, Inc." section of the File Library.