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Grants Program

The AHS has become aware of contining scams fraudulently claiming to come from our Grants Program. The American Harp Society will never ask grant recipients to send money to the Society to receive their grant funds. Grants are made twice a year through a detailed online application process. Do not respond to any offers or requests about an unsolicited AHS grant.

Initially conceived in 2010 as a five year project, the success of the AHS Grants Program has resulted in annual extensions by the Board of Directors. As of spring 2020, over 170 projects have been funded totaling almost $200,000. Grant recipients are individuals or other non-profit organizations that have affiliations and common goals with the Society.

The American Harp Society, Inc. welcomes grant applications for projects that will further the mission statement of the Society. Please review the grant guidelines and submit your application for consideration. The AHS is excited to be able to offer a grants program and we encourage you to be creative in promoting the harp! 

A complete listing and description of past grant recipients is accessible here.


Grant guidelines

  • Grant requests must meet the goals of the mission statement of the American Harp Society.
  • Grant applicants (principal investigator) must be members of the American Harp Society, Inc., for the current membership year, and for the past three consecutive membership years.
  • The Grants program strives to encourage new projects, and preference will be given to new grant proposals. The grants program does not provide long term sources of annual funding.
  • Grants must be submitted by either of two yearly deadlines: October 15 or March 15. Notification of awards will be received by November 15 and April 15, respectively.
  • The Grant Program does not fund past events, operating expenses, travel expenses, commercial recordings, and/or to purchase equipment or harps.
  • Grants may be awarded annually to Chapters of the American Harp Society, Not-for-Profits, and/or individual members of the American Harp Society, Inc.
  • Each individual, chapter, or Not-For-Profit may submit only one application per fiscal year (September 1 - August 31).
  • Entities are limited to receiving $5000 in grant funding from the AHS, inc., in a seven year period.
  • Chapter applications must include how the chapter and individual members will benefit from the proposal. Preference is given to chapter proposals that reach a broad spectrum of members as well as the community at large.
  • Current members of the AHS Board of Directors and Grant Committee are not eligible to apply.
  • Grants must be submitted electronically. (See below.)
  • The American Harp Society, Inc. must be recognized as a sponsor in any publicity for the recipient event.
  • Any unused portion of the grant funds must be returned to the AHS upon completion of the project.

Please log into the AHS Member Portal and select the Grant Applications Open link to complete the online application, and send the requested supporting materials to

The following information will be required on the application:

  • Applicant name (Chapter, Not-For-Profit, or individual member)
  • Contact person/Principal Investigator (first & last name, title, phone, email)
  • Project name
  • Project narrative (brief summary indicating how you plan to use the grant funds requested)
  • Proposed budget
  • Timeline for completion of the project
  • Description of the anticipated impact of the project

Upon receipt of a grant request, the grant committee will review it and submit a recommendation to the Board/Executive Committee for approval.

Requirements After Receiving a Grant

  • Grant recipients must email reports on the progress of the project at six month intervals or as requested, as well as a final report upon completion to
  • A written final report documenting the outcome of the grant and its impact must be digital in format.
  • Grant recipients are encouraged to include additional supporting digital documentation such as photos, links to video or audio recording files from performances, letters or video from scholarship recipients, etc. with the final report.
  • A PDF score of commissioned works funded by the AHS Grant program must be submitted with the final report, for the archives.
  • Grant recipients are responsible for any insurance requirements and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the American Harp Society, Inc.
  • Grant recipients agree to comply with all federal, state, and local laws.
  • Grant recipients must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards as it relates to persons with disabilities.
  • Grant recipients may not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, ancestry or national origin, handicap, sexual orientation, marital status, or gender in any programs or activities.
  • All completed projects must prominently display acknowledgement of the grant with the following statement: "Made possible by a grant from the American Harp Society, Inc."