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Information for Chapter Presidents

Chapter Presidents will be contacted at least twice a year to complete information about their chapter.  In the fall, the Regional Director will be asking for information for the Fall Regional Newsletter, as well as a completed online Chapter Data Form (available here).  The completed form should be submitted online no later than November 1st.  In the spring, the Regional Director and/or Executive Director will be asking for a completed Chapter Activities Report, in order to prepare Regional reports for the summer Board of Directors meetings.

Chapter Presidents are encouraged to promote their events by listing them on the AHS, Inc. website by submitting an event at: http://www.harpsociety.org/SubmitEvent.html and contacting the AHS, Inc. Social Media Manager at socialmediamanager@harpsociety.org to have it shared on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, each chapter has a page on the website, which may be located from http://www.harpsociety.org/Chapters/Index.html.  At any time, to have a change made to their page, Chapter Presidents should send their request to WebEditor@harpsociety.org.

AHS Chapters are considered to be tax-exempt by the IRS through a “Group Exemption” determination granted to the American Harp Society, Inc.  AHS, Inc. files an IRS Form-990N each year on behalf of your Chapter to maintain that status.  Should you need to verify the Chapter’s exempt status for any legal, banking or fundraising purpose, please contact the Executive Director for a copy of the IRS affirmation letter.  And should your chapter ever receive contributions in excess of $50,000 in one fiscal year, it is very important that this be reported to the Executive Director for filing purposes.

More detailed information about Chapters may be found in the AHS, Inc. Chapter Handbook, which is found in the “File Library” section of the AHS, Inc. Member Portal. To access it, Log In and click on "File Library" at the top of the page, and then sort by “Chapter and Officers Materials”.

An active local chapter should have a current list of officers, a financial record, and activities organized and offered to its members.