Strategic Plan 2020-2025

The AHS Board of Directors and Executive Committee have spent the last two years developing a strategic plan for the American Harp Society for the next five years, focusing on strengthening the organization to be of service to the harp and harpists now and into the future. We dreamed it, we engaged with stakeholders throughout the organization to discuss it, we planned implementing initiatives, and now we will work to see those initiatives come to fruition. The 2020-2025 Strategic Plan was formally adopted by the Board of Directors on June 23, 2020.

Together we will create a welcoming environment for all harpists. Together, and relying on the expertise of each of our members, we will advance our knowledge and skills and be resources for each other; together we will enhance and create program that serve a wider population than we have ever served before; together we will create exceptional national events, programming artists, presenters, and teachers whose experiences speak to multiple genres, multiple cultural influences, and multiple ethnicities; we will make it easier to access all of the amazing resources currently available to members, and we will do all of this through responsible stewardship of the AHS resources.

We each have a contribution we can make to advancing the art of the harp, and to strengthening connections between and among each other. We welcome your participation in implementing the goals and objectives of this strategic plan as we all work together to ensure the lasting impact of the American Harp Society on the harp, and harpists.

AHS Strategic Plan 2020-2025