All American Harp Society, Inc. memberships run 12 or 24 months from your initial join date and may be purchased at any time. We also offer a discounted two-year membership which will save you $10 off normal rates ($5 for student members) and the best value. And for the greatest convenience, select "Automated Recurring Billing" at check out. You will never have to think about renewing your membership again (of course, you can opt out at any time)!

Memberships marked as VIP provide additional support to AHS.

Membership Dues
Regular Adult $60
Student** $40
Adult Student $60
Regular International Adult & Student $75
Contributing (VIP) $90
Sustaining (VIP) $120
Sponsor (VIP) $175
Patron (VIP) $250
Life Membership (VIP) $1250
Benefactor (VIP) $2500

** Student Members are US-based individuals who are age 21 or younger, or currently a full-time student in a college or university. International students should register at the International Member rate.



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