21st American Harp Society National Competition
Utah State University, Logan Utah, June 21-23, 2015

Young Professional 1st Place : Katherine Siochi
(30 and under) 2nd Place : Noel Wan
  3rd Place (tie): Ruriko Terada & Helen Gerhold
  5th Place: Abigail Kent
  6th Place: Natalie Hoffman
Advanced Division   1st Place: Hannah Cope
(21 and under) 2nd Place: Alethea Grant
  3rd Place: Heather Cornelius
  4th Place: Margaret Davis
  5th Place: Abigail Enssle
  6th Place: Tess Michael
Intermediate II   1st Place - Elizabeth Yeoh-Wang
(18 and under) 2nd Place (tie) - Caroline Richards & Sarah Close
  4th Place - Jessica Ding
  5th Place - Clara Warford
  6th Place (tie) - Adam Phan and Sophia Lee
Intermediate I Division   1st - Monet Wilson
(15 and under) 2nd - Johanna Hein
  3rd - Lucy Sotak
  4th - Claire Thai
  5th - Lauren Schrempp
Junior Division  1st Prize: Emma DeMille
(12 and under) 2nd Prize: Audrey Zhang
  3rd Prize (tie): Janice Hur and Isabella McCormick
  4th Prize: Lily Primus
  5th Prize: Jadelyn Ding
  6th Prize: Claire Elais Kathy Moore

Salzedo Memorial Fund Prize for the Best Performance of Salzedo “Scintillation”:  Katherine Siochi

Kathy Moore Prize for the Best Performance of Litton's "Halcyon's Dance": Emma DeMille

Catherine Gotthoffer Prize from the Finzi Fund of the Los Angeles Chapter for the Best Performance of Grandjany "Fantasie": Jessica Ding

Download Prior Years Competition Winners (PDF)