Cheryl Dungan Cunningham

Welcome from AHS, Inc. President Cheryl Dungan Cunningham

Welcome to the website of the American Harp Society, Inc., the largest harp organization in the world, founded in 1962. Our mission is to celebrate our legacy, inspire excellence, and empower the next generation of harpists.   Watch the video, Sharing the Passion, and explore for information about our organization, the benefits of Society membership, local chapters in your area,  our programs, and many helpful resources.  Consider joining us as a member, becoming an integral part of a vibrant local, national, and international community which studies, shares, and celebrates the harp in all of its forms. Attend the AHS National Conference at the University of Redlands, California in June, 2018 and take part in our mission in action. I am honored and humbled to serve this organization whose rich history, warm camaraderie, and inspiring programs empowers the future of the harp, the instrument we love.

Please contact me at if I may be of service to you.


Elaine LitsterWelcome from the AHS, Inc. Chairman of the Board Elaine Litster

Welcome to the exciting, inviting world of the American Harp Society.  The AHS welcomes your participation, your involvement, and your vision.

The harp has taken me on many wonderful journeys.  In 1988, I well recall attending my first national conference with my mother, Shari Pack, in Denver, Colorado.  Since then, attending conferences and institutes together has become a family tradition allowing us a window into harp communities throughout the country.  I have made many friends, brought home stacks of harp music and accessories, enjoyed inspiring performances, and expanded my love for this instrument.

Become involved in your local AHS chapter.  I recall tiptoeing into Stella Castellucci’s beautiful home at one of my first Los Angeles Harp Society events, and feeling that I had entered a magical world of harp history.  Those first steps led to planning wonderful concerts and gatherings, conducting a holiday harp ensemble of 25-30 harps for almost 20 years, and becoming a part of the musical fabric of my community.

Whether you are a harp music lover, a seasoned harpist, an impassioned harper, a harp making artisan, a therapeutic harpist, an intrepid beginner, or a practiced “official” harp mover, there is something in the Society for everyone; competitions, grants, music education, the harp journal, historical archives….and more!

I am honored to be elected the Chairman of the AHS Board of Directors, and look forward to working together to further the AHS mission of celebrating our legacy, inspiring excellence, and empowering the next generation of harpists.  I welcome your ideas,