Guidelines and Application

The Winners Outreach Program is designed to help with giving performance experience to American Harp Society National Competition prize winners other than the Concert Artist. Chapters may request financial support of up to $300 for assistance in presenting the current competition prize winner(s) residing within that chapter’s region.

Who may apply?
Chapter officers on behalf of their chapters.

Who may not apply?
Individual competition winners.
Any chapter receiving past Winners Outreach Program support which has final reports outstanding or retains unused money.

What does the Winners Outreach Program support?
Travel and accommodations for the soloist, within the region of the applying chapter, associated with imminent, concrete performance and/or community outreach opportunities (note: please check for the current federal gas mileage standard rate to estimate travel costs).

Expenses involved in production: hall rental, stage managing fees, lighting, publicity and printing.

Winners Outreach Program does not support:
• Performers' honoraria or fees (none are expected)
• Advanced study with a significant mentor
• Medical, legal or accounting fees
• Purchase of equipment (harps, benches, stands, amplifiers, microphones, etc.)
• Performance opportunities for national competition winners residing outside of the applying chapter’s region
• Assisting musicians' fees
• Opportunities for the Concert Artist

What is the award process?
Evaluation of applications will be made by the Audience Development Committee and the Executive Committee of the American Harp Society. Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received.

What does the Executive Committee consider?
Because the intent of the award is to help chapters with expenses incurred in presenting national competition winners in performance, applications should clearly enumerate budget items for the proposed opportunities.

How much money is awarded?
Up to $300 will be awarded for the Winners Outreach Program projects.

When are the chapters notified?
Chapters will be notified within one month of receipt of the application.

What must be done following receipt of an award?
A one-page final report and submission of receipts or record of expenses are due within two months after completion of performance opportunities. Funds not used by the chapter must be returned at that time. Chapters who fail to do so will forfeit the chance to apply for future Winners Outreach Program awards.

Current artists who can be presented through this program, by region:

Emma DeMille (Junior, 1st and Kathy Bundock Moore prize)
Monet Wilson (Intermediate I, 1st place)
Sarah Close (Intermediate II, 2nd place-tie)
Caroline Richards (Intermediate II, 2nd place-tie)
Hannah Cope (Advanced, 1st place)
Margaret Davis (Advanced, 4th place)
Michel Tess (Advanced, 6th place)

Jadelyn Ding (Junior, 5th place)
Jessica Ding (Intermediate II, 4th place and Catherine Gotthoffer Prize)
Sophia Lee (Intermediate II, 6th place-tie)
Helen Gerhold (Young Professional, 3rd place-tie)
Ruriko Terada (Young Professional, 3rd place-tie)

Johanna Hein (Intermediate I, 2nd place)
Claire Thai (Intermediate I, 4th place)
Adam Phan (Intermediate II, 6th place-tie)

Clara Warford (Intermediate II, 5th place)

Lauren Schrempp (Intermediate I, 5th place)
Elizabeth Yeoh-Wang (Intermediate II, 1st place)

Claire Elais (Junior, 5th place)
Isabella McCormick (Junior 3rd place-tie)
Audrey Zhang (Junior 2nd place)

Lily Primus (Junior, 4th place)
Lucy Sotak (Intermediate I, 3rd place)
Abigail Enssle (Advanced, 5th place)

Heather Cornelius (Advanced, 3rd place)

Abigail Kent (Young Professional, 5th place)

Alethea Grant (Advanced, 2nd place)

Natalie Hoffmann (Young Professional, 6th place)

Noël Wan (Young Professional, 2nd place)


How to Apply
Guidelines | Application Form

Submit to:
Elizabeth Blakeslee, Chair
3006 Woodlawn Ave
Falls Church, Virginia 22042

Winners Outreach Concert Held on Millennium Stage of the Kennedy Center
The AHS-DC chapter hosted a Winners Outreach concert on the Millennium Stage of the Kennedy Center on May 4, 2008. It was a very successful event, with the audience numbering about 450. Performers were Helen Gerhold, Hannah Blalock, Katelyn Mullins, and Grace Browning, all finalists in the 2007 competition.
read more | watch video's of the performances