Molly Hahn



Molly came from a musical family and learning to read music was just part of what was expected in the family.  Her mother was a piano teacher so learning about the piano and notes started early. When she was six her first grade teacher suggested that she learn another instrument and her mother and grandmother talked it over and decided it should be a harp.  The week after the Lyon &Healy Style 12 arrived, the harp teacher appeared and lessons began.  Molly studied harp with Martha Dalton and at Oberlin College under Lucy Lewis.  She continued her studies with Alice Chalifoux in Cleveland and Camden, ME.

Living in several metropolitan areas afforded the opportunity to form ensembles with other instruments, and voices.  The family formed a trio of two harps and voice, with her husband, Dan, baritone, and daughter Pam.  She played many concerts as part of a flute, cello harp trio and flute harp duo, as well as performing as soloist with various orchestras.  Molly also taught harp as adjunct teacher in various colleges and universities.

Molly has served the American Harp Society as President, Conference Co-chair, Regional Director, and Human Relations Committee Chair.

Her daughter Pam continues the family musical interest as a harpist in Phoenix, AZ where she teaches and performs as a soloist and in orchestras.