Executive Director
Kathryn McManus

Membership Secretary
Please contact the Membership Secretary with membership-related questions at
Barbara Sooklal
Phone:  805-410-HARP (4277)

Barbara Sooklal
Phone:  805-410-4277

Website Maintenance
Kathryn McManus

Social Media Manager
Kela Walton

For a complete listing of Committees, Chapters, Etc., members may log in and access AHS Administrative Listing (2-2014) in the members only files.

Board of Directors

*Denotes Member of 2016-2017 Executive Committee

*President Cheryl Dungan Cunningham E-mail:
*1st Vice-President Kela Walton E-mail:
*2nd Vice-President Carolyn Munford E-mail:
*Secretary Erin Wood E-mail:
*Treasurer Rebecca Todaro E-mail:
*CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Elaine Litster  E-mail:

Regional Directors

Coordinator Catherine Case E-mail:
Mid Atlantic Region  Diane Michaels E-mail:
Mid Central Region  *Lynne Aspnes E-mail:
Mid Western Region  *Erin Wood E-mail:
New England Region  Megan Sesma E-mail:
New York Region  Mario Falcao E-mail:
North Central Region  *Elinor Niemisto E-mail:
Northwestern Region  Catherine Case E-mail:
Pacific Region  Maria Casale E-mail:
Southeastern Region  *Carolyn Lund Munford E-mail:
Southern Region  Phyllis Taylor Sparks E-mail:
Southwestern Region  Laura Logan Brandenburg E-mail:
Western Region  Cheryl Ann Fulton E-mail:



Paul Baker, Email:
*Cheryl Dungan Cunningham, E-Mail:  
Joan Holland E-Mail: or
Julia Kay Jamieson, E-Mail:
Lillian Lau, E-mail:
*Karen Lindquist, E-Mail:
*Elaine Litster, E-Mail:
Ray Mooers, E-mail:
Jessica Siegel, E-mail:
*Rebecca Todaro, E-Mail:
*Erin Wood, Email:
*Kela Walton, E-Mail:
Ann Yeung, E-Mail:

The Executive Committee

Chairman of the Board: Elaine Litster

Officers: Cheryl Dungan Cunningham, President; Kela Walton, 1st Vice President; Carolyn Lund, 2nd Vice-President; Erin Wood, Secretary; Rebecca Todaro, Treasurer

Members at large: Lynne Aspnes, Karen Lindquist, Elinor Niemisto
ex officio Members:   Kathryn McManus, Executive Director; Jan Bishop, Bookkeeper

The American Harp Journal

Interim Editor
Laura Sherman
P.O. Box 2183
Radio City Station
New York, NY 10101‐2183

Advertising Manager
Stacie Johnston - 2 Charlton St, Suite 9K, New York, NY 10014
Phone: 212-243-8511 
Fax: 888-900-8976